“Gloria is an entrepreneur and a proud business owner. Since the end of October she has found her energy levels consistently lowering and finds her temper runs short with her two children. She has noticed her energy levels slump to the point she does not want to go to her regular yoga classes and is rarely ever interested in sex. Business tasks have become more difficult to execute because she has trouble concentrating. Her husband has mentioned that she has become more moody and to top it off her libido is at an all time low.”

  • Low energy
  • Moody
  • Sad
  • Grumpy
  • Anxious
  • Feel like hibernating the rest of winter away?
  • Sleeping more and still feeling tired
  • Less interest in sex

Gloria’s story and the above are all symptoms of seasonal depression. More specifically called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The symptoms of SAD come and go around the same time each year. Many people with SAD start to have symptoms in September to October and start to feel better by April or May.

The great news is you do not have to continue suffering from the cycle of SAD despite the continuously changing seasons. There are many evidence-based treatments without negative side effects.

As the winter solstice marks the shortest and darkest day of the year, let's get started with 3 simple and effective ways to maintain your sense of well being.

1. Get More Sunshine

  • A nice hot sunny vacation may not be possible with a busy schedule. Scheduling outdoor activities like walks and hikes consistently allows you to get as much sun as possible with the added benefits of feel good endorphins from physical activity!

2. Listen to Music

  • Turn on your favourite tunes and let your hair loose! Music therapy is a simple way to help elevate your mood and to have something else to look forward to in the mornings or anytime of day.

3. Use a Dawn Simulation Lamp

  • Dawn simulation lamps make you feel more awake in the morning by regulating your sleep-wake cycle.


Supplement of the Month

Vitamin D is a hormone and has many benefits including modulating the immune system and mood. It is commonly deficient in those experiencing SAD. Every cell in the body needs vitamin D to function.


Modality of the Month

Vitamin D injections are an easy way to replenish low vitamin D stores for optimal health.

In fact one shot of vitamin D has the ability to completely replenish levels and also rid Influenza symptoms.


Functional Medicine testing

Test your blood vitamin D3 levels

  • This will help determine how much vitamin D you need! In my experience the Canadian recommended daily allowance is often insufficient in those with chronic conditions. This means the standard 1000 IU may be insufficient depending on your baseline vitamin D levels and individual health needs.


Talk to Dr. Elena Jutai N.D. to find out if vitamin D is right for you.

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